Generation It’s a word that usually makes us think of age groups and it’s easy for the more mature to point their finger at one of the younger generations and make a sarcastic remark. I believe one of the first things we ‘forget’ as we get older is that we also did some pretty wild, […]

Natural Impotence Cures for Boomers & Above

It’s the problem no guy wants to admit to, yet it’s been estimated to affect nearly half of men over 50. Sadly, for every man that seeks help with ED. there are three that don’t. Without treatment of some kind, over time it can only get worse. Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction, or as it’s more […]

Make it a Motivated Monday

Have you ever dragged your tail into the office on Monday morning, going immediately to the company coffee pot (previously made by a more motivated individual) to commensurate about, “Blue Monday,” with your fellow employees? I have and it’s not something I’m proud to admit. The first time I noticed myself doing that, I was […]

Study finds exercise improves life expectancy, even for obese

Short article re. the importance of exercise Melissa Healy;- Los Angeles Times 11-16-12   So, what’s it worth to lace up those sneakers and break a sweat for about 30 minutes a day? About 3.5 extra years of life, on average – and about 4.2 additional years for those willing to step up the intensity […]

2014 – Year of No Excuses!

Have you set your goals for the coming year? If not, why not? There’s a theory among the self-help gurus that it takes 30 days to break a bad habit or make a new good habit. So with just over a month before the start of the New Year, 2014, now – and I mean […]

Bike Month plus

May is “Bike Month” and here in San Antonio, we’re doing it up royal. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “royal” considering the recently concluded “Fiesta” and Fiesta Royalty. Maybe I should use a different expression, because San Antonio is doing a very real job of promoting personal activity in the area. Led in part by […]

Senior Soccer?

Think soccer is just for kids and the pros playing in Brazil? Think again. Senior Soccer is an excellent way for the Boomers and Above to maintain and build leg strength and agility.

Caring for, or being cared for in the future?

This is an excellent article from “” that covers what seniors today and in the future have to look forward to.             Our View: Caring for the aged is a problem that will grow June 17, 2012 12:00 AM First of two parts There’s a whole community of elder care […]

Gardening is an Activity Too!

In addition to being an obvious plug for a sister site, “Texas Victory Garden,” I’d like to point out to those who either haven’t ever enjoyed gardening, or those that have been away from it for too long, all the wonderful benefits that gardening provides – especially if you’re growing your own groceries! Let’s begin […]

Should I laugh or cry?

I’m always on the lookout for senior nutrition wellness programs to pass along to readers and radio show listeners. I came across the story below and as I scanned through it, quickly became unhappy with what I was reading, sarcastically telling myself that they must have limited resources and were interested in killing off their […]